Observation de la tere

ESA Human and Robotic Exploration
  1. Bartolomeo connected to Columbus Image: Bartolomeo connected to Columbus
  2. Canadarm2 robotic arm on the International Space Station

    Despite challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, teams in space and on the ground have been hard at work over the past month to keep science up and running on the International Space Station. 

  3. Mars landscape

    If you could bring something back from Mars to Earth, what would you choose? This question is becoming reality, as ESA opens a call for scientists to join a NASA team working to determine which martian samples should be collected and stored by the Perseverance rover set to launch this Summer.

  4. Unwanted bacteria

    While efforts continue to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus on Earth, a space-based experiment called Matiss has been investigating how ‘smart surfaces’ on the International Space Station could stop pathogens in their tracks. 

  5. Sterilisation for planetary protection Image: Sterilisation for planetary protection