A guide to interesting stuff going on in space science, space exploration, and space advocacy.
  1. The International Space Station may go away in 2025. Will private space stations be ready to fill the gap?
  2. Last week the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity celebrated its 5000th sol on Mars, and it celebrated by taking the first complete Mars Exploration Rover self-portrait.
  3. Thanks to recent investments by our members in The Planetary Society’s Space Policy & Advocacy program, we now have the resources to institute a strategic effort to support the exploration of space in an international context.
  4. Some of the biggest discoveries we make in planetary science rely on the seemingly simple act of picking up and analyzing pieces of other worlds. When things go awry, scientists and engineers can sometimes squeeze amazing science out of a tough situation.
  5. The Austrian Space Forum is leading a four-week Mars mission in Oman's Dhofar Desert.