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  1.   Friday, Oct. 11 • Soon after dark, you'll find zero-magnitude Arcturus low in the west-northwest at the same height as zero-magnitude Capella shining in the northeast. When this happens, turn to the south-southeast, and there will be 1st-magnitude Fomalhaut at the same height — if you're at latitude 43° north. Seen from south of that latitude Fomalhaut will appear higher; from north of there it will be lower. Now […]

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  2. Friday, Oct. 4 • The waxing Moon this evening shines between Saturn, to its left or upper left, and Jupiter farther to the Moon's lower right (off the center-right of the chart here). Saturday, Oct. 5 • It's both International Astronomy Day and International Observe the Moon Night! The Moon is first quarter (exactly so at 12:47 p.m. EDT), nicely placed high in the sky in early evening with its […]

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  3. Observe the first-quarter Moon on October 5 for International Observe the Moon Night. Here's a guide to tell you what to look for.

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  4. Cepheus, the King, has hidden his treasure well but not so much that curious amateurs can't find more than enough to stuff their pockets.

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  5. This month's Sky Tour let's you enjoy close pairings of the Moon with Jupiter and Saturn; explore interesting stars and constellations, and keep watch for blazing bits of Halley's Comet.

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