When you head outdoors tonight, take Sky & Telescope's podcast with you for a guided tour to the night sky. Learn what constellations are visible, find out where and when you'll see the planets, and catch each month's celestial highlights, from meteor showers to eclipses.
  1. Total eclipses have the power to touch us deeply and reverberate through our life in unexpected ways.

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  2. Totality watchers get the best show, but a far greater number of people will be in partial eclipse territory. Here's how to make the most of it.

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  3. If you can't resist taking pictures of the solar eclipse with your smartphone, read this first for tips to ensure quality pictures.

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  4. A total eclipse of the Sun is a spectacular sight. With a little preparation and advance planning, you can capture your own souvenir portrait of this awe-inspiring sight.

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  5. A total solar eclipse offers the most spectacular of jewels, the diamond ring, as the Moon blocks all but a small part of the Sun's brilliance.

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