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  1. The President's 2021 budget request for NASA would push hard for human lunar exploration at the expense of several key programs.

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  2. New Horizon’s flyby of Arrokoth, a planetesimal in the Kuiper Belt, reveals a pristine object untouched since the solar system’s origin. Its shape and geology show that planetesimals form more gently than previously thought.

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  3. Astronomers all over are waiting with bated breath to see what Betelgeuse will do next. Is it going to start brightening again on February 21st? Or will it continue to surprise?

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  4. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or boycotting it, anyone visiting this site loves the stars. Here's a chance to participate in an effort to make sure future generations love them too.

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  5. Occultations of stars by the Moon occur routinely, but planetary lunar occultations are much rarer birds. That's why I hope you'll make the effort Tuesday morning February 18th to watch the waning crescent Moon occult the planet Mars.

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