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  1. High-energy radiation released during the merger of two neutron stars last year has left astronomers puzzled. Could a burst of gamma rays from 2015 help us to piece together a coherent picture of both explosions?

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  2. The BepiColombo spacecraft, Europe's first mission to Mercury, rocketed away from Earth to begin its seven-year trek to the innermost planet.

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  3. In astronomy news this week: A gargantuan supercluster of galaxies lurks in the early universe, while data from the Fermi telescope hint at two supermassive black holes locked in a gravitational dance.

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  4. Four solar system satellites — and one putative exomoon — are big enough and far enough from their home worlds to hold onto tiny moons for billions of years.

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  5. Fasscinated by our Moon? Want to know more about it? Join fellow lunar enthusiasts on Saturday, October 20th, for International Observe the Moon Night!

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