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  1. The recent budget proposal for NASA dealt a blow to the astronomical community, putting several key missions — including WFIRST, a successor to Hubble — under the financial axe.

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  2. Scientists have finally confirmed a decades-old theory on what causes the faint flickering seen in the Northern Lights toward dawn.

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  3. AAS Chambliss Award winner Donald Bruns explains how he confirmed Einstein's predictions during the 2017 total solar eclipse.

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  4. The recent discovery of a new type of tiny, star-forming galaxy is the latest in a zoo of detections shedding light on our early universe. What can we learn from the unique “little blue dots” found in archival Hubble data?

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  5. Newly-discovered asteroid 2018 CB will be passing only about 44,000 miles away Friday and visible in modest telescopes.

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