Nommez une Exoplanète et son étoile (initiative de IAU100):

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13 Jui 2019 14:58 #1 par astroraoul
Ca commence! Nommez une exoplanète !

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08 Jui 2019 21:41 - 08 Jui 2019 21:45 #2 par astroraoul
Dear colleagues,

In the framework of its 100 year anniversary celebration,
the IAU has launched the IAU100 NameExoWorlds project
( www.nameexoworlds.iau.org/ ) which
offers the opportunity to several countries (70 countries involved)
to give a name to one exoplanet and its hosting star.

Belgium will of course participate to this global project.
In a first step, a dedicated webpage will enable everyone (individuals
but also schools or associations) to propose two names (one for the
planet, one for the star) related by a common theme. Deadline for
submission is August 15.

In a second step, everyone will be invited to vote and choose among
a short list of propositions (September-October). The winning names will
be conveyed to IAU, and if accepted, will be officially given to
the planet and star.

You have expressed several months ago your interest in being part of a
Belgian IAU steering committee, and as such you have been appointed
member of the Belgian selection committee. Should you disagree with this
prospect, please let me know as soon as possible.

For those of you who are willing to participate, the task will
consist in reviewing the received propositions and make a short
list of 5 names (mi-August to begin September). We will then gather
(begin September) to agree on a selection of maximum 10 names to be
chosen between the max 100 (5 x 20 jury members) pre-selected names.

Our responsability is to check that the pre-selected names
comply with the IAU rules available here:
www.nameexoworlds.iau.org/naming-rules .

This exceptional opportunity offered to all Belgians should be widely
advertised. A press release will be issued in the coming days where
the website address for name submission will be announced, marking
the launch of the Belgian campaign. We will promote it through the
Planetarium website, our Facebook and our contact mailing list, but
please feel free to spread the word through your own channels and

The voting period can also be a fantastic opportunity to advertise
in society. In addition to our general communication, any action or
initiative or endorsement from your side to make the project a
overwhelming success is therefore warmly welcome!

Best regards,
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